Westfall Township

Emergency Supervisor Meeting-Declaration of Emergency

Notice to Westfall Township Residents 

Please be advised that the Westfall Township Supervisors convened an Emergency Meeting on March 17, 2020 pursuant to Section 709 of the Sunshine Act and have proceeded pursuant to the Emergency Management Code Section 7501 providing general authority to a political subdivision to declare a disaster emergency finding specifically that the spread of the coronavirus pandemic directly affects the life, health, property and public peace and so declares a state of emergency in the Township of Westfall to activate the response and recovery aspects of aid and all emergency management plans to authorize the furnishing of aid and assistance and to provide liability protection to the Township. This Declaration shall continue for a period not to exceed seven days and shall be effective immediately.



Jodi Manheim                                                                                    Robert F. Bernathy, Esquire

Township Secretary                                                                          Township Solicitor