Regular Meeting-August 2011

The regular meeting of the Westfall Township Board of Supervisors was held Tuesday, August 2, 2011, at 10:10 pm. The meeting was held at the Township Building on Delaware Drive and LaBarr Lane, Westfall Township.

Those present were Chairman, James Muir; Vice-Chairman, Lester Buchanan; Supervisors, Robert Ewbank,

Paul Fischer, Raymond Banach; Solicitor, Robert Bernathy and Secretary, Lisa Green. Also present were Michael Rendleman, Bill Schneider, Marge Tonkin, and approximately 16 members of the general public.

AGENDA: The agenda was approved on a motion by Vice-Chairman Buchanan, seconded by Supervisor Banach. Motion carries with all in favor.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Marge Tonkin asked how we are doing on the burning situation. Stating she is tired of smelling garbage and she does not believe it is coming from her neighborhood. The board stated they are still working on it.


MINUTES:  The minutes of June 7, 2011 regular meeting were approved on a motion by Supervisor Ewbank. Motion is seconded by Vice-Chairman Buchanan and carries with all in favor.

MINUTES:  The minutes of July 5, 2011 regular meeting were approved on a motion by Vice-Chairman Buchanan. Motion is seconded by Supervisor Banach. Supervisors Ewbank and Fischer abstain. Motion carries with three in favor and two abstentions.  

TREASURER’s REPORT: Chairman Muir asked the board to read the treasurers report at their leisure.

POLICE REPORT: Police Chief Stewart gave the report for July stating 263 calls for service, with 6,341

miles patrolled. Chief Stewart said there have been a lot of bike thefts in the area and encouraged residents to register their bikes with the police department. Supervisor Banach asked how many patrol cars do the officers take home on a regular basis and questioned if the cars that are turned over are sold or given away when they buy new. Chief Stewart said there are three cars that are taken home and the cars are sold to the highest bidder. The Chief also mentioned that they are running speed checks on Delaware Drive. Motion to accept the police report made by Supervisor Fischer and seconded by Supervisor Banach. Motion carries with all in favor.

FIRE DEPARTMENTS: Bill Schneider gave the Mill Rift Fire Department report for July reporting 52 man hours and 9.5 equipment hours for the month. Luis Bocaletti gave the Westfall Township Fire Department Report for July reporting total calls for month 32, total man hours 275. Supervisor Banach moved to approve reports. Motion is seconded by Vice-Chairman Buchanan and carries with all in favor.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Bill Schneider gave the Highway report for July reporting that they have been performing regular maintenance on the township buildings. On 7/7 they met with PennDOT representative to establish black top bid package for Pond drive, 7/12 Pot Hole Repairs/hot patch on Maple Ave, Stella Street, Blue Ridge Ave, and Elizabeth Street, Continuing maintenance and repairs on all equipment, shoulder work on Cummins Hill, Glass House Hill and Heaters Hill Roads. Clearing of culvert pipes and drainage ditches throughout the township, installed new stop sign on Glass House Hill. Maintained compost area, met with representatives for black top bids, 7/19 cleared tree blocking road in Pond Eddy, 7/20 Installed new culvert pipes on Heaters Hill assisted by Matamoras DPW for traffic control, 7/21 attended Road Task Force meeting, 7/22 started installing the 25 MPH signs on township section of Cummins Hill Road, 7/25 met with PennDOT representative about a drainage issue at the pedestrian tunnel under 84 to Rose Lane. 7/29 Finished installing rest of 25 MPH signs on Cummins Hill Road to Mill Rift. 7/29 Called out by Comm Center at 5:36 for tree on wires on Stella Street. Power out and red light out. Generator hooked up to power the red light. Orange and Rockland was called. Tree was cleared out, red light back on and power restored at 11:36. Vice-Chairman Buchanan thanked the Matamoras DPW and Councilman Stevens for their assistance.

BUILDING /ZONING: Zoning Officer Mike Rendleman gave the July report stating that we issued two building permits, one sign permit, and one zoning permits with total fees of $952.52. Mrs. Green mentioned that the township received a $31,000.00 building permit fee from Wal Mart for a remodel that hasn’t been entered in the system yet. Supervisor Ewbank moved to accept the building/zoning report. Motion is seconded by Vice-Chairman Buchanan and carries with all in favor.

CORRESPONDENCE: On dais for review.




Act 47 Monthly Report: Solicitor Bernathy stated that as he has reported on a monthly basis as of March 2, 2010 the Federal Bankruptcy Court signed the order confirming the Township’s bankruptcy plan as well as the Act 47 Recovery Plan which amounts to final disposition of the bankruptcy plan. The Township is operating within the confines of its budget and continues to meet its financial obligations. The Township continues to provide essential services and is otherwise compliant with the Recovery Plan, which has been approved by the Bankruptcy Court on March 2, 2010. At this point Solicitor Bernathy said he believes all non-monetary obligations of the plan have been met and with the Supervisors permission he would like to contact the state to delete the monthly report from the agenda.


Road Bids:  Supervisor Ewbank said we have four bids.

Locust Ridge:  $142,182.55 for 1.5 inches 9.5 millimeter super pave.

Leeward Construction $93,202.00 for same

Hanson Aggregates: $120,620.00

Wayco $103,885.85

Vice-Chairman Buchanan moves to accept the Leeward Construction bid in the amount of $93,202.00. Motion is seconded by Supervisor Ewbank. Motion carries with all in favor. Chairman Muir asked Bill Schneider if that is where he was expecting the bids to come in at. Bill said yes it was.

Requests for Proposals Engineers: Chairman Muir stated we have received two proposals one from McGoey, Hauser and Edsall and one from Boucher and James. Vice-Chairman Buchanan moved to table this item. Motion is seconded by Supervisor Fischer and carries with all in favor.


Resolution 2011-3 / Act 537 Plan: Vice-Chairman Buchanan moved to adopt the Act 537 Plan. Motion is seconded by Supervisor Ewbank and carries with all in favor.


Resolution 2011-4 / Rose Lane Component 3M: Vice-Chairman Buchanan moved to adopt this Planning Module. Motion is seconded by Supervisor Ewbank and carries with all in favor.

Ordinance for Cummins Hill Speed Limit: Solicitor Bernathy stated we have an ordinance regulating the maximum speed limits on portions of Cummins Hill Road as posted, and prescribing penalties for the violation thereof. We need a motion to advertise the ordinance. Supervisor Ewbank moved to advertise the ordinance for public hearing on September 6, 2011 at 7:00. Motion is seconded at Vice-Chairman Buchanan. Motion carries with all in favor.

ADJOURNMENT: Vice-Chairman Buchanan moved to adjourn at 10:29. Motion seconded by Supervisor Ewbank and carries with all in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa A. Green